We Proudly Support the Communities of Central Tennessee and our home, Gallatin, TN.

Our Owner and Operator, Frank Williams, makes it his mission to ensure that we support our local community. He promises to partner with our community through various sponsorships and partnerships. All of us with the Subaru of Gallatin team are proud and honored to have the privilege to work and serve in our Gallatin, Tennessee community! 

Sponsorship Requests:

If you are interested in requesting a sponsorship, please note the following information.  We would love to hear about your organization and ways we can be involved! Please submit any requests for assistance below. Note that we only accept sponsorship requests that occur a minimum of 90 days from submission date. Example: If your event is on April 1st your submission must be in by January 1st.

We currently do not accept sponsorship for the following:

  • Politically Charged events or organizations

  • Travel Expenses

  • Sponsorship that benefit one individual person, however, we would be more than happy to connect anyone in need with one of the organizations we support.

Click below to download the Sponsorship Request Instructions:

Sponsorship Inquiry Form